DIY Lighting Project

Submitted by mpenney on Mon, 12/21/2009 - 11:00
DIY Lighting Project
Use vintage jars for lamp bases.

Photo Blog Michael Penney DIY Lighting Project

Great lighting can be hard to find, especially at a price point most people can afford. Here’s an idea for some truly original lighting you can bet you won’t spy at your neighbour’s pad:

Photo Blog Lamps Tom Scheerer

Why not pick up one of West Elm’s Medina Glass Jars (below) (or any large vintage-looking jar will do) and turn it into a lamp brimming with island style? Their green organic loveliness has me dreaming of an effortlessly glamorous Bahamian getaway just like Tom Scheerer's (above).

Photo Blog Jars West Elm

You can create a lamp using a kit from any Home Depot or hardware store, or visit to find one online. Don’t worry about the cord showing — that’s part of the look! Think India Hicks, bleached drift wood, and a beachy laid-back vibe. The perfect time of year to escape!

Photo credits:
1. Michael Graydon
2. Tom Scheerer, photography by William Waldron
3. West Elm

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