Basement Demolition Day

Submitted by mcrossley on Wed, 04/29/2009 - 11:00
Basement Demolition Day
Finding inspiration amid the renovation wreckage.

My trusty contractors, Paul and Carlo Tiralongo (from now on affectionately referred to as The Sicilians), arrived this week to start the demo. I forgot how messy the mess would be.

Messy at home means a thorough clean of my office — can’t have both work and home being disasters. I unearthed an old file brimming with ideas for the basement reno which I collected probably 5 years ago. I guess I wasn’t as firmly set against this redo as I believed. Also went through my computer folders and looked more closely at designer websites and photographers’ images I had saved just for inspiration. I decided to take the advice we give to readers all the time: collect shots of what you like and you will see a pattern.
What I like: seagrass floors coverings, white walls, some natural wood, an oversized light fixture (can I fit something big like that into a room with only 7-foot ceilings?), white slipcovered tuxedo-style sofa, a fireplace full of logs.

This shot best sums up my likes, and now <a href="">Kay Douglass</a> is a new favourite designer of mine.
<em>Photo credits:
1. <a href="">Meg Crossley</a>
2. </em><em><a href="">Simon Upton</a> from&nbsp;</em><em><a target="_blank" href="">Habitually Chic</a></em>

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